Weekend Adventures – Brattleboro, VT

Winter is finally in full swing here in New England and I’m so excited. Between snowshoeing (my new favorite winter activity) and my plans for some downhill and cross country skiing before the snow melts, I’m in for a busy and fun winter season.

With the clock ticking and the unpredictability of Mother Nature, I’ve lined up a few weekend trips to get as much winter fun in as I can this season.  First up: Brattleboro, VT, where Mike and I went to visit a few friends and enjoy a weekend full of activities, food, and beautiful weather.


This is the first time I actually stopped in Brattleboro and spent some time. Brattleboro was always just a drive through town on the way to somewhere else I was going in VT. This weekend made me realize how much this teeny town has to offer. I’m super jealous of our friends who now live in the area.

We started off with going to a ski jump competition – the 2017 Pepsi Challenge and U.S. Cup at Harris Hill Ski Jump. The only thing I knew about ski jumping prior to attending this event was that it existed and looked really crazy. My expectations for this event were low, but I was blown away by the atmosphere and how much fun I had watching these crazy people ski jump.


There was delicious food, a beer garden, wine tastings, and some crazy athletes ranging from kids as young as 11 to international ski jumpers. The announcers were great and I learned a little bit about the sport. Something I didn’t need the announcers’ help to realize is that all ski jumpers have a screw (or two, or three) loose. The ski jump hill is incredibly steep. We took the stairs up to the base of the actual jump (the part where the skiers jump off) and looking back down the hill was terrifying. The hill is so steep you can’t actually see it. Not to mention that these skiers are flying through the air at ridiculous speeds and angles. I have a new appreciation of this sport and would love to learn more about it.


The view from the base of the ski jump
The skiers walking up to the top of the jump
A still shot of one of the jumpers
One of the younger jumpers

After the ski jump competition was over, we wandered around Brattelboro’s Main Street. There are so many unique shops to wander through, I easily could have spent a whole week walking through all of them!


Most of the shop fronts were so colorful, but these were my favorites – I just love the combination of these pastel colors!

Among numerous book shops, art galleries, cafes, and outdoor specialty shops, I of course made a beeline for the LYS (local yarn shop), Handknits, where I had to pick up some local yarn.


The local yarn was so incredible I had such a hard time choosing. There was an entire line of local yarn, Wonderland Yarns, based off of Alice in Wonderland. The yarn was named things like “Cheshire Cat”, “Mad Hatter”, and my favorite “Uncommon Nonsense”, with colorways such as “Off With Her Head”, “We’re All Mad Here”, and “Hookah Smoke”.

The wall display of Wonderland Yarns
While difficult to choose, I ended up buying a skein of Mad Hatter yarn in the color So Bright & Sticky

After a bit more wandering through shops, we ate dinner at Whetstone Brewery, which is easily the most popular restaurant in town, and for good reason. The beer (and cider!) selection is extensive and the food was delicious and inventive. Mike at a burger that had bacon, cheese, and peanut butter on it! And he said it was delicious! They also had a nice deck that overlooked the Connecticut River.


We had our after dinner coffee at a cute little coffee shop called Mocha Joe’s, which has a killer maple latte and a great ambiance.

The next day was another beautiful day and we spent it eating, wandering through shops, and snowshoeing.

A delicious place for breakfast. If I lived here, I would frequent this establishment.
Snowshoe fuel (a.k.a. breakfast)
Snowshoeing along West River Trail


A snow covered West River

I loved wandering Brattleboro for a weekend (not to mention spending time with friends). The ski jump competition was a crazy experience, the main street area is so lovely, the food is amazing, and the outdoor activities are plenty! Bratteboro, VT made for a great weekend adventure and I will definitely be going back!

Happy adventures!




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