About Me

Photo Credit: Rachael Hosegood (https://rachaelhosegood.com/)

Greetings! My name is Adrianna and welcome to my Life! I also go by Adri and Dri. As I grow older, my name seems to keep getting shorter. Perhaps in a few years I will just be “A”.

I am a chemical engineer currently working at a small air quality consulting firm. While I enjoy my work, my true passion lies in all the things I do when I’m not at my day job: running, knitting, eating, Crossfit (yes I am one of “those” people), reading good books, listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, and exploring the world. You could describe me as a Jill Of All Trades, Master Of None.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts. One thing I haven’t been able to get behind while growing up in MA: Boston Sports (gasp!). You won’t hear me talking about the Patriots or Red Sox or Bruins or Celtics, much to my boyfriend’s dismay. I will, however, happily watch “the game”, as long as I’m allowed to bring my knitting.

A picture of my finished Umaro blanket – which I knit as a wedding gift for a good friend.

Keeping with the MA trend, I also attended college in MA, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I majored in chemical engineering with a concentration in environmental engineering. While at college, I joined the track and field team in order to continue my love for running in circles, jumping over things, and throwing objects. You name the event, I probably did it, or at least tried to, at some point throughout my track and field career.

Now that I am an adult (debatable), I find myself still living in MA. What can I say? I must enjoy being a Masshole. I currently live with my boyfriend, Mike, who I met on the track and field team in college.


We live with our cars, both Subaru WRXs, and no pets, because Mike is “allergic” (he says this every time I bring up getting a pet, but he’s not actually allergic).

Dri's WRX
Mike's WRX

This blog is intended to be a creative outlet for me to share my Life adventures with my friends, and of course, the internets. I hope you enjoy a peek into my great adventure quest I call Life!!!!